Dentology 2021 was a successful, trendsetting event

With 15 renowned speakers, this extraordinary, virtual experience delivered the latest thought leadership in digital dentistry.

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The participants, the speakers, and the latest trends and ideas made Dentology an extraordinary event. Watch and relive the best moments:

Testimonials Insights from our participants

David Wiseman
Jane Patterson
Francisco Casserley

"The many aspects of digital dentistry with a good array of exhibits and speakers in a very user friendly environment"

David Wiseman Art of Dentistry

"The pathology lecture, it’s definitely going to make me look at my own radiographs in a different light"

Jane Patterson Torwood

"Further knowledge of digital dentistry and how things will change in the future. Talk on surgical guides and planning was very useful"

Francisco Casserley Roch Valley Dental

A fully virtual 3D symposium on digital dentistry.

8 Exhibition* booths
1 Virtual auditorium
10+ Countries
5 Stages

Virtual Auditorium

Walkable auditorium with 4 breakout rooms and one main stage with a virtual panel discussion studio



Dentology offers dental professionals the opportunity to experience leading digital technology solutions.

* The exhibition is available for participants from EMEA countries with Henry Schein affiliates and operations.

Press coverage What the media wrote about the event

  • Quintessence Publishing
    Quintessence Publishing Logo
    "It was Henry Schein`s first completely virtual symposium with 14 internationally renowned experts offering up-to-date training on topics from digital workflow to digital implantology and orthodontics to digital pathology."


    "Es war das erste vollständig virtuelle Symposium von Henry Schein, bei dem eine Auswahl von 14 internationalen Experten aktuelle Fortbildungsinhalte zu Themen bot, die vom digitalen Workflow über die digitale Implantologie und Kieferorthopädie bis hin zum Erkennen digitaler Pathologie reichten."

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  • SaudeOral
    SaudeOral Logo
    "A new era of live online events, educational and informative, has been launched on digitalisation in dentistry."


    "Uma nova era de eventos online em direto, de natureza educativa e informativa, sobre a digitalização em medicina dentaria."

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  • DentalMaster
    DentalMaster Logo
    "The closing highlight of the two-day event was an extremely informative and interesting panel discussion led by Dr Simon Chard - certainly one of the highlights of the event. Dr. Chard was joined by Prof. Dr. Markus Blatz, Professor of Restorative Dentistry, and Dr. Kyle Stanley, recognised by the Seattle Study Club as one of the top ten young educators in dentistry."


    "Ostatnim punktem programu tego dwudniowego wydarzenia był niezwykle pouczający i interesujący panel dyskusyjny prowadzony przez dr Simona Charda – z pewnością jeden z najważniejszych punktów wydarzenia. Do dr Charda dołączyli prof. dr Markus Blatz, profesor stomatologii odtwórczej oraz dr Kyle Stanley, uznany przez Seattle Study Club za jednego z dziesięciu najlepszych młodych pedagogów w dziedzinie stomatologii."

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  • Gaceta Dental
    Gaceta Dental Logo
    "Dentology, powered by Henry Schein, is a new form of educational and informative live online events in digital dentistry and will be followed by four weeks of access to online educational content on demand."


    "Dentology – impulsada por Henry Schein”, es una nueva modalidad de eventos online en directo educativos e informativos, relacionados con la digitalización de la Odontología, a la que seguirán cuatro semanas de acceso a contenidos educativos online a la carta."

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  • El Dentista Moderno
    El Dentista Moderno Logo
    "Amongst the keynote speakers were Prof. Dr. Irena Sailer (Switzerland) and Dr. Simon Chard (UK). In their presentation, they explained the impact digitisation has had on dentistry and offered insights into the future of digitisation in dentistry and shared inspiring information on the possibilities of communicating with patients via social media."


    "Entre los ponentes principales cabe destacar a la Prof. Dr. Irena Sailer (Suiza) y al Dr. Simon Chard (Reino Unido). En sus ponencias, explicaron el impacto que la digitalización ha tenido en la odontología y ofrecieron perspectivas sobre el futuro de la digitalización en la odontología, así como información inspiradora relacionada con las posibilidades de comunicación con los pacientes a través de las redes sociales."

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  • The Probe
    The Probe Logo
    "On 29 and 30 January 2021, “Dentology – powered by Henry Schein” set stage on a new era of educational and informative live online events around the digitalisation of dentistry, to be followed by four weeks of access to on-demand digital education."

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  • InfoDent
    InfoDent Logo
    "Henry Schein´s first fully virtual symposium was a wealthy source of content offering comprehensive insights into the fast-changing world of digital dentistry. A renowned selection of 14 international experts delivered cutting-edge educational content on topics ranging from the digital workflow, digital implantology and orthodontics, to the recognition of digital pathology. Answers to questions like how to best start with digital, how to make the most of the intraoral scanner, and how to use digitalisation for customer communication are only few samples of the variety and focus of topics discussed. After the presentations, participants and experts continued the conversation by engaging in live discussions and questions and answer sessions."

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  • DentalReview
    DentalReview Logo
    "Keynote speakers included Prof. Dr Irena Sailer from Switzerland (click HERE for the Dental Review in-depth article) and Dr Simon Chard (UK). During their lectures, they explained the impact that digitalisation has had on dentistry and gave an outlook on the future of digitalisation in dentistry as well as covering future possibilities in patient communication using social media."

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  • ZWP Online
    ZWP Online Logo
    "On January 29th and 30th, Dentology - the virtual symposium for digital dentistry - took place for the first time. At the event sponsored by Henry Schein, high-quality content was presented over two days through a large number of specialist contributions by internationally recognized specialists."


    "Am 29. und 30. Januar fand die Dentology – das virtuelle Symposium für die Digitale Zahnheilkunde – erstmalig statt. Bei der von Henry Schein gesponserten Veranstaltung wurden an zwei Tagen hochwertige Inhalte durch eine Vielzahl von Fachbeiträgen von international anerkannten Spezialisten präsentiert."

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  • ZM Online
    ZM Online Logo
    "On January 29th and 30th, 2021, "Dentology - powered by Henry Schein" took place, a live online event all about the digitization of dentistry. This is followed by four weeks of access to digital on demand training courses. Dentists who did not have the opportunity to attend the live event can purchase a purely on demand ticket via, which gives access until February 27, 2021."


    "Am 29. und 30. Januar 2021 fand „Dentology - powered by Henry Schein“ statt, eine Live-Online-Veranstaltungen rund um die Digitalisierung der Zahnmedizin. Ihr folgen vier Wochen Zugang zu digitalen on demand Schulungen. Zahnmediziner, die keine Gelegenheit hatten, bei der Live-Veranstaltung dabei zu sein, können über ein reines on demand Ticket erwerben, das bis zum 27. Februar 2021 Zugang bietet."

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What was the dentology experience

The world is changing, but as people, we still crave experiences. There is a simple power in our community, bringing people together to showcase, share and explore what the future of dentistry holds. In addition to the informative sessions, led by some of the brightest minds in the dental world, Dentology2021 was defined by its ability to virtually connect like-minded dental professionals and has had an impact on how participants practise digital dentistry in the future.

14 internationally renowned dental experts

Up to 15 hours of practical information about fast moving digital dentistry

Access to 3D world including on-demand videos of the presentations for regular ticket

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