People who make it happen Our Guests and Speakers

Keynote Speakers Meet some of the world's leading dental experts.

  • Christian Coachman
    Christian Coachman

    The impact of digitalisation on dentistry

    In his keynote speech, Christian Coachman will cover the need to understand how dentistry is changing, the risks of not changing, and the strategies to implement these changes.

  • Randi Zuckerberg
    Randi Zuckerberg

    Guest Speaker

    Former Marketing Director at Facebook – where she created Facebook Live, now used by more than a billion people around the world – CEO and Founder of Zuckerberg Media, bestselling author and having been ranked amongst the "50 Digital Power Players" by The...

  • Simon Chard
    Simon Chard

    Innovations in patient communication with social media

    In this talk, Simon Chard will discuss how clinicians can implement social media best practice. He will discuss how platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and even TikTok are providing an incredible resource for reaching new patients and communicat...

Session speakers The essence of the symposium

  • Katya Archambault
    Katya Archambault

    Recognising digital pathology

    Katya Archambault will talk about Cone Beam CT and its capabilities for more detailed imaging information and communication that has changed the landscape of dentistry. CBCT is used as a cost- and dose-effective imaging modality for the diagnostic assessme...

  • Ian Buckle
    Ian Buckle

    Making the most of an intra-oral scanner: every minute, every day

    Digital dentistry is the present and future of the contemporary general dental practice and can be accessed at many different levels with different degrees of investment. In this lecture, Ian Buckle will discuss how to get started with digital dentistry an...

  • Mauro Fazioni
    Mauro Fazioni

    Today’s implantology needs a start-to-finish solution with streamlined planning

    Successful aesthetic and functional dental treatments are what patients are asking for in modern dentistry. Mauro Fazioni will talk about the fact that the predictability, achieved through enhanced treatment planning, is crucial and how it can be achieved....

  • Andreas Kurbad
    Andreas Kurbad

    New trends in digital aesthetic dentistry

    Software solutions based on artificial intelligence and growing calculation power, especially focused on mobile devices, are offering new possibilities in aesthetic planning and rehabilitation. Andreas Kurbad will present insights into the use of features...

  • Ferran Llansana
    Ferran Llansana

    High aesthetic veneers with chairside

    The digital revolution has reached the dental office. This provides a new possibility of having more in less time, and gives dentists the opportunity to offer patients chairside solutions. The aim of Ferran Llansana’s talk is to explain how creating aesthe...

  • Christian Moussally
    Christian Moussally

    Managing the occlusion in digital dentistry

    When many teeth need to be restored, the management of the occlusion becomes more complicated. Christian Moussally will give insights into the advantages of using digital dentistry to perform wax-ups and mock-ups compared to using "conventional" techniques...

  • Stefano Negrini
    Stefano Negrini

    Digital workflow in an orthodontic lab

    In his lecture, Stefano Negrini will illustrate the daily work of a 100% digital orthodontic laboratory: around systems, production, and materials. He will share with participants how easy it is to work digitally and to increase the business through it.

  • Guillermo Pradíes
    Guillermo Pradíes

    What is predictable, possible and impossible in today's digital dentistry?

    Digital dentistry is here to stay. Clinicians must know the advantages as well as the limitations of digital dental procedures. While intra-oral scanners and digital design and production methods are improving daily clinical practice, bringing accuracy and...

  • Wouter Reybrouck
    Wouter Reybrouck

    How to start digital?

    In his lecture, Wouter Reybrouck will explain how to begin working with digital technology and what is possible. He will cover intra-oral scanning, 3D printing, CBCT, as well as virtual planning in implantology and orthodontics.

  • Ole Schmitt
    Ole Schmitt

    Digital implantology in daily practice

    Digitalisation in dentistry is a topic that has become more and more important. Nevertheless, oral surgery is a craft and has a lot to do with the surgeon's manual skills. How can digitalisation help dentists in this case? This is a question Ole Schmitt wi...

  • Jacques Vermeulen
    Jacques Vermeulen

    Digital implantology: to be or not to be

    The contribution of digital to implantology has enabled significant progress. Jacques Vermeulen will discuss the digital experience in the implantology field and how to take advantage of digital technology, as well as how to break away from it when a tradi...

  • Daniël Wismeijer
    Daniël Wismeijer

    3D printing in oral implantology, crown and bridge work and the digital dentures

    Daniël Wismeijer will give insights into how to use 3D printing technology in oral implantology for digitally planned dentures – as well as for crowns and bridges.

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